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WinWink is high-rated on Trustpilot online competitions for residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 years or over. It’s a community with a fun and friendly environment for people to socialize online. Buying a ticket may give you a chance to become a winner in competitions. The wins might be different: from unique collectible Pokémon cards to PlayStations.

Past results
Open rate
Klaviyo-driven revenue
Open rate
Klaviyo-driven revenue
Full Klaviyo management

Client’s request

  • Migration from Active Campaign to Klaviyo
  • Build efficient email strategies in Klaviyo
  • Develop and manage a monthly/quarter calendar of campaigns
  • Clean list and segment audience
  • Increase revenue
  • Get proper integration WooCommerce with Klaviyo


  • Increase sales
  • Build brand loyalty


  • Copy production
  • Design template creation
  • Development of email marketing Roadmap
  • Kick-off calls with the client (once/ per week)
  • Email deliverability
  • Email warming & validation
  • Dedicated domain creating
  • Segmentation
  • List cleaning
  • New list creating
  • 1 campaign/week
  • High-engagement flows creating

Revenue from Klaviyo up to 41%, benchmark 30%

Monthly income from Klaviyo

2021 (Before IMPRO)
2022 (working with us)
Ryan Collins-Thomas
Co-founder at WinWink
Hi. My name is Ryan. I’m running a business called WinWink. We are a competitions slash ruffle website, running competitions catering to the hobby sector. So, we have Pokémon, gaming, tech things like that. We first contacted Roman and IMPRO team about 2 years ago. This was for one of projects to help set up our email platform, so we could run campaigns. They also set us up with some email automation and templates, and we really happy with that work initially.

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