IMPRO Email agency

No shadow games, only
transparent pricing

Monthly Packages


For small businesses with <10k profiles
to build basic life cycle flows


Up to 10 Emails*/Mo
Extra campaign: $300/campaign
SMS Marketing: $750/month


For businesses with 10k+ to build flows
and crafting weekly email campaigns


Up to 15 Emails*/Mo
Extra campaign: $250/campaign
SMS Marketing: $750/month


For brands with 30k+ to extend email


Up to 20 Emails*/Mo
Extra campaign: $200/campaign
SMS Marketing: $500/month


Limitless possibilities for biz & brands
with 100k+
  • UNLIM Email Campaigns
  • UNLIM SMS Campaigns
  • Push Notifications Management
  • UNLIM Weekly Calls

What’s includes:

  • IMPRO Onboarding
  • ESP Evaluation & Migration
  • Strategy Creation & Implementation
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • List Validation & Cleaning
  • Email Deliverability
  • Template production
  • Copy production
  • Campaigns Calendar
  • Email & SMS Campaign management
  • Basic life cycle flows
  • Advanced Flows
  • ESP Opt-In Management
  • Weekly Calls & Monthly Reporting

Not sure which option
is right for you?

No worries. We’ll figure
that out together.
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