IMPRO Email agency

Our Team

We’re a full-service Email marketing agency focused on creating personalized Email & SMS marketing strategies for each client.

We Know How.

We’re a Ukrainian team and we are proud of it. Our diverse experience in sales, design, management, copywriting, mathematics, art, law, finance, sport, and music allows us to bring new angles, fresh ideas, and innovation to each brand.

Our strategy sessions, brainstorming, and teambuilding sessions in real life allow us to build better and faster communication. Which, in turn, is beneficial for communication with each client & delivered services. We breathe Email marketing. It’s Our Element.

Our Mission

is to bring new targeted marketing solutions through Email & SMS channels, cover each segment and build longer lifetime relationships with the client’s audience.

Our Approach

Our email & SMS marketing strategy is not one-shot, we play a long game. A successful email marketing strategy needs ongoing monitoring and optimization. It Should Be a Personal Approach. Each Time.

Our Vision

We trust in data and creativity as elements of success in Email marketing strategy. Marketing research, detailed analysis data, and testing bring us unexpected results and proven insights.

We can help To Bring Targeted Solutions For You.

Please schedule a call with us. We look forward to helping you improve
your email marketing.