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SUBJECT LINE: A present that will put a wag in their tail!

PREVIEW TEXT: We’re on a mission to get tails wagging across the country.


%DOGNAME%’s Cart Just Got a Big Upgrade!

  • 2x toys for your puppy’s life stage
  • 2x bags of healthy, puppy-friendly treats
  • Training tips and tricks for your puppy’s life stage

Box assortment
Each month, we’ll send you a personalised box filled with top-notch toys and treats that we’ve thoroughly tested on your behalf.

  • Natural Aussie-made treats
  • Puppy-safe toys
  • Free extra toy!

Here at Waggly, we’re all about building boxes that are just right for your fur baby.

We offer free shipping for all orders, Australia wide
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PROJECT: Nature’s Garden

SUBJECT LINE: Celebrating an entire year with you!

PREVIEW TEXT: Happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary to you!

It’s been one whole year since you joined Nature’s Garden Rewards. Time has flown by!

As a thank you for being a part of our family for the past year, we’ve just added [AMOUNT] of bonus points to your account.

Chow down now and celebrate!

To redeem your reward, log into your account, get shopping, and your reward can be applied directly at checkout.

CTA: Redeem your anniversary gift!

PROJECT: Growthgurus

SUBJECT LINE: Persistence, flexibility and drive to achieve

PREVIEW TEXT: Hear what our past clients have to say.



Whatever your business goals are, we can take you there.

From branding, websites, consultancy, and digital marketing, Growth Gurus aims to empower you with a digital marketing strategy that provides a tactical road map and actionable next steps towards achieving your business objectives.

But don’t just take our word for it… hear what our past clients have to say

Thomas Rhys Jones, CEO at Yolted, shares his experience of working with Growth Gurus below…

“Growth Gurus really did a great job in delivering a truly unique brand, which was exactly what we were after when the project started.

We chose them for their passion and desire to deliver something that would not only stand out, but also encapsulate what we wanted to represent as a brand.”

Ready to get empowered?

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PROJECT: Croatia Luxury Rent

SUBJECT LINE: Welcome to Croatia Luxury Rent

PREVIEW TEXT: The sapphire waters of the Mediterranean are calling your name.


%FIRSTNAME%, thank you for subscribing to Croatia Luxury Rent — your destination for luxury, hand-picked villa rentals in the bedazzling country of Croatia.

Croatia is world-renowned for its sapphire oceans, rocky shorelines, and ancient architecture.

Whether you’re dreaming of a lazy escape to a sun-laden shore, basking in the rays while feasting on the country’s abundance of fresh seafood…

Or if you’d rather an adventurous rendezvous to waterfalls, mountains, and beach towns…

Croatia boasts all of this, and more.

Stay tuned to these emails for exclusive content to assist in planning your elegant stay in the gem of the Mediterranean.

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SUBJECT LINE: Save your wallet and the planet

PREVIEW TEXT: OKAI has two strong core values.



Two pillars of OKAI are affordability and environmental impact.
That’s why we’re proud to create affordable products without compromising high quality, all while keeping your ecological footprint as low as possible.

When it comes to environmental impact, we work towards micro-mobility.

This means reshaping the way we think about transit.

By optimizing our machine design and production strategy, we’re able to supply the highest quality transport for our customers that are a less destructive option than gasoline vehicles.

To date, OKAI has effectively reduced 88,500,000 GALLONS of gasoline emissions.

And things are only going to get better moving forward.
Now, you can get an OKAI e-bike or scooter for as little as $136 per month.

Free shipping and installment payment plans make owning an OKAI scooter or e-bike effortless.

Ready to make your positive mark on the planet?

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SUBJECT LINE: Sending our thanks for your first order.

PREVIEW TEXT: On behalf of our team, thank you for choosing OKAI


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Our team was so excited to see your name flash across our order screen.

Thank you, on behalf of all of us here at OKAI, for your recent order.
It’s our mission to leave an impact on everyday transportation with our line of electric scooters.

And since you’re dedicated to rolling in style, you’re a part of that mission.

We’re so excited for you to begin your OKAI journey.

Check your inbox soon for a shipment confirmation email with more details about when you can expect your sweet ride to arrive.

Warm regards,
The OKAI Team

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SUBJECT LINE: An exclusive $20 off our Calming Dog Bed Covers.

PREVIEW TEXT: Valid only for the next 24 hours only.



Firstly, thank you for your first Sash purchase.

We’re delighted that you value luxurious design and unparalleled comfort for your pup as much as we do.

Welcome to the Sash family.

As an exclusive welcome offer, use the code below to take $20 off our beloved Calming Dog Bed Covers – but only for the next 24 hours!

Our Calming Dog Bed Covers are a gorgeous addition to any Calming Bed, providing an extra layer of protection and comfort to help your dog’s Sash bed last for years to come.

Not to mention that you can spruce up your decor by simply popping on your new cover, available in four design-friendly colours.

Offer only valid for the next 24 hours.

Don’t hesitate. Add a Calming Dog Bed Cover to your cart now.

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